Publication Conditions

Received research must be innovative and original and not published before, and it should contribute a distinguished study in its field. Besides, research should be characterized by originality, depth, and the right style, and it should abide by human values and scientific research standards.

The journal is not responsible for the authors' views, ideas, and concepts presented in articles, and the authors bear legal and moral responsibility regarding reference accuracy and opinions.

The journal has the right to reject any research that violates the journal's policies and objectives, without giving reasons to the researcher.

Research submitted for publication in the journal must not be sent for publication to any other journal unless it is rejected by the journal and after the researcher is informed of the rejection in writing by the editor in chief

Researchers shall be informed about the outcome of the evaluation of their research after the completion of the arbitration within a period not exceeding three months from the date of receipt of the research which compliance with the conditions of publication in the journal. The manuscripts valid for publication are subject to the journal's policy in their arrangement and time of publication

The scientific method must be taken into account in writing the papers submitted for publication, using sources and references in a correct and academic way, arranging information in the required format, and numbering footnotes with numbers different from original sources and references. Besides, if there are any appendices such as maps or tables, they should be enclosed in their original form

The submitted article should be included an abstract of not exceed (250) words and the research should not be more than (15) pages for applied sciences and (25) for human sciences, including tables, figures, and images according to the journal template

The title of the research and the researcher's (s') affiliation should be mentioned on the first page. This information includes the research's name, department, faculty, university, city, country, and the correspondent researcher's e-mail.

Fill in the statement of the scientific novelty of the article and send it with the research

The correspondent author signs on behalf of co-authors regarding the transfer of all copyrights of the research to the Centre of Research and Scientific Studies at Alasmarya Islamic University.

The article should be sent according to the journal template style via journal website

The articles are evaluated preliminarily to see how they are suitable for publication

The research submitted to the journal is examined for the detection of originality via (Plagiarism Detection Software) in order to improve the quality of academic writing

The received researches are presented to the editorial board in order to select two specialized reviewers to arbitrate authenticity and quality in a top-secret according to the evaluation form. According to the evaluators' comments, the editor in chief issues a decision regarding the acceptance or refusal of the research.

The researcher should correct the reviewers' comments in the modified draft, and send a detailed report to the journal referring to the position of each single modified correction within 15 days. The arbitrators' notes, that are not agreed by both of them, the researcher is not required to modify them. However, the researcher should prove his point of view why he has not modified them.