Ethics Statement

Since it launched in 2003, The Journal of Alasmarua University (JAU), Libya has operated under a strict ethics policy that ensures our editorial independence and the integrity of our journal. The statement of ethics of this journal was adapted from the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which covered the code of ethics for chief editor, editorial board members, reviewers and authors.

In general:

  • Adherence to the rules and foundations of scientific research.
  • Commitment to objectivity, honesty and accepted scientific method.
  • Commitment to the authenticity and novelty of the research.
  • It was not previously published and was not submitted for publication.
  • It is not drawn from another scientific work.
  • Adhere to the rules of printing, language and journal style.

For Authors:

  • Authors are responsible for only new and original work is submitted to JAU.
  • Reproduce their previously published work.
  • Authors must not submit reviewed or considered articles by other journals at the same time without receiving a formal rejection or withdraw it from JAU.
  • Authors must inform the Chief Editor for any correction or retraction of their submitted or published work.